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Rivercenter was established in 2005 to network Christians around the globe for the purpose of advancing God's Kingdom throughout the world. We are a ministry resource center that is dedicated to serving for the sake of bringing God's transformation to the Elk River region and beyond. We see the need for the marketplace (business, education & government) and ministry to work together in unity to become stronger and more effective for the Kingdom of God.

The body of Christ is currently made up of many streams. Individually the victories of each stream may seem small and insignificant. However, as the streams come together to form one river, we can make an impact that will transform the nations.

That is one of our desires at Rivercenter, to teach businesses how to do ministry and ministries how to do business so that the gospel of Jesus Christ could be spread throughout the world. As an apostolic center, we are laying a foundation to help support other ministries and businesses in that endeavor.

If you would like to be a part of a global center that is linking arms with Christians all around the world or if you have questions please email us.
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